Building Momentum!

What can I say…we waited all winter for the temperatures to rise, nature to bloom, and to begin hearing the sound of chains ring again. Here we are in July and we now have our eyes set on James Conrad, following what is arguably the most clutch shot in disc golf history, a new woman’s champ in Catrina Allen, and more attention on the sport than ever before! 

It seems like everywhere you look there is more quality coverage of Pro and Am events, new companies emerging, and the rise of talent, adults and juniors, in every corner of the world. Sales are up and leagues are running full-tilt…I think it is safe to say, the world of disc golf is building some serious momentum! So where do we go from here?

In my local league, “Friday Night Flights,” the energy of 2021 has continued to be felt, with players continuing to show up, attitudes in high spirits, and the level of competition continuing to elevate week after week. As we approach the season’s half-way point, at least for us in the northern states, the question in my mind remains, how do we keep the momentum going as we enter into the fall…and into the winter?

In the Twin Cities metro, we are blessed to have a large community of players motivated to find creative solutions to this problem, with the biggest success taking the form of winter putting leagues. However, the same challenge remains every winter, “Where will we host it?” In some cases this problem has been alieviated by locally owned buisnesses offering up their space, but this is never a guarentee.  Is there an opportunity here?

Going back to the questions presented earlier, “How do we keep the sport’s momentum going?” As focus has shifted toward High School programs…possibly even Collegiate programs in the future, it seems the future of the sport may rest on capturing, and conveying, the multi-dimensional qualities of the sport; competition, community, inclusion, mental & physical health, and power to bring players of all ages together through the love of the game.

Regardless of your angle on this discussion, (it stands out to me) we come back to the power of the community. If players begin taking an active role in their local community and leagues, suporting local businesses, and sharing the greatest export of the sport, ‘good vibes,’ the sport will continue to grow – and with it welcome talented players, inovators and artists. 

See you on the course!



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