Feb 15 - 19 2022


All Day





Disc Golf Con (Las Vegas)

The First Disc Golf Convention…With the focus on the fans!

  • Location: Las Vegas, NV  (Feb. 15th – 19th)
  • Pro players, panels, clinics, brands, huge vending room, spectator rounds, swap-meets and more!
  • Disc Golf Con | (435) 754 – 7424 |

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Flex start C-Tiers & non-PDGA sanctioned rounds

From Feb. 15th-18th, there will be flex start disc golf tournaments being played at Wild Horse Golf Course for anyone who wants to participate. Those who pay for a convention ticket will only need to pay $20 to participate in a round. There will be both PDGA sanctioned and non-sanctioned rounds happening each day.

Pro Player Led Clinics

These clinics will either be disc golf related, or something non-disc golf related; It is completely up to each player’s discretion as to what they want to teach.

Vending Area

Visit the Alexis Park Resort to shop the vending area. The vending area will have 60-70 vending spaces manned by your favorite product brands and retailers! This will be the ultimate disc golf shopping experience for all attendees.

Pro Player High Stakes Rounds

Everyday, some of your favorite men and women will be playing a single elimination round of disc golf to make it to the final day (Saturday the 19th) where they could win $20,000.

Disc Swap Meet

Do you have a lot of unused or used discs to sell? This is the perfect opportunity to make back the money you spend on your convention ticket and clear out the basement. Sign-up to be in the Swap Meet.

Pro Player Q&A Panels

Everyday, you will be able to attend a panel with our pro player guests and ask them questions about several fun topics!


The event is finished.


  1. So excited to go to this event in February! @dave and I purchased the VIP passes and reserved a room at the venue. Minnesota players…let us know if you plan to attend this event, we’d love to meet up with you in Las Vegas.