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Why Do People Love Disc Golf?

  • Disc Golf is a great sport for all ages. Naturally players can socially distance themselves with respect to COVID concerns and guidelines for individuals, groups, and families.
  • Get outside and enjoy the local parks in your area. With over 11,000 disc golf courses around the world there’s much to explore.
  • Boost your mood, relieve stress, and enjoy the sunshine because your one game away from a better day.
  • Get more exercise the fun way! Bring a disc, enjoy some fresh air outdoors, and soak up the sun…it’s really that easy.
  • Join a community of like-minded people, make new friends, and connect with other players in your area.

Can I Join For Free?

  • Sign- up now to unlock Early Access and enjoy all of 2022 for FREE! 
  • You’ll get full access to the platform and the mobile app during your free trial period. No card necessary. After your trial ends, you'll be invited to purchase your Pro Membership to continue with full access to the platform and mobile app. 
  • The Pro Membership is $14.99/ year (approx. $1.24/ month) and renews annually. 
  • Enjoy an ad-free platform customized for Disc Golfers. This membership includes any new community-specific add-on features we roll-out in the future.
  • Your membership goes towards operations, scaling requirements, legal, security, and the development of new features that will enhance your experience. We love feedback, let's us know what you think! 

What Does My Membership Include?

  • You’ll get full access to the platform and the Mobile App with all the community features (groups, forums, events, blogs, instant messaging, and more as we continue to develop).
  • New members who join will get a free trial with full access to the Circle One community and a Free Download of our Mobile App).
  • Enjoy an ad-free platform customized for Disc Golfers. This membership includes any new community-specific add-on features we roll-out in the future.

Is My Membership Monthly Or Annually?

  • The Pro Membership is $14.99/ year (approx. $1.24/ month). Memberships are renewed on an annual basis. 
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, please do so before the date of renewal. Memberships renew exactly 1 year from the date of Pro Membership sign-up.

Can I Promote My Leagues On Here?

  • If you Run a league we would love for you to join us here! Promoting yourself and your league(s) is what we're all about. Create and host your own Groups, Events, and more.
  • We can create a Free Organizer Profile for you if you host a lot of leagues, events, and tournaments. Enjoy having all your organizer details and involvement highlights in one place.
  • Create a Circle One profile and Contact Us on how to get started with your Free Organizer Profile today.

Can I Buy, Sell, Or Trade?

  • Yes, you can buy, sell, and trade used gear on Circle One! We support self-promotion and brand awareness! 
  • Join an existing group or create your own Private Group (visible to members, invite only to join, posts don't show up in global news feed).
  • ALL Buying & Selling Groups MUST be created as a Private Group. This includes groups related to Small Businesses, Independent Sellers, or Used / Traded Gear.
  • An ad-free space is very important to us and we hope you understand our efforts to host a Global News Feed that focuses on community highlights and discussions within the sport. The global news feed shows all public activity, including posts within the public groups. 
  • Non-profits / 501(c)(3) can have Public Groups and host items for sale, raffles, auctions, etc. with the intent to benefit their organization. 

All details related to payment arrangements, product details, pricing, availability, shipment, etc. are conducted via peer-to-peer. Liability and outcomes are not the responsibility of Circle One Inc. 


How Do I Cancel My Membership Or Delete My Account?

  • Go to 'My Memberships' tab >> Click On 'Cancel' under the Membership Level section.
  • Platform:' My Memberships' icon is on bottom left of the tool bar. >> Click on "Cancel" under the Membership Level section.
  • Mobile App: 'My Memberships' is located under the "More" Tab at bottom right >> "Membership Account" >> Click on "Cancel" under the Membership Level section.
  • We're sad to see you go, yet value your feedback and will work to make it better.
  • If you cancel, please leave us feedback so we can keep improving!
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